Resource #4: Sweetland Writing Center

As the due date for my Women Studies’ final paper approaches, I decided it would be a good idea to have someone read over my paper before I submit it. It is the first time I have ever written an eight to ten page research paper. Because I’ve never written such a long paper before, I wanted to make sure the structure of my paper is coherent. Deciding the Sweetland Writing Center can help me, I made an appointment and met with Professor Paul Barron.

Throughout the thirty-minute session, Paul read my paper and gave me feedback on the structure of my essay. As he went over my essay section by section, he suggested how I could connect certain ideas together so my paper flows better. He believes the cause-and-effect sequencing of my arguments is a comprehensive way to organize my paper. In addition, he helped me with some APA citations that I wasn’t familiar with.

The Sweetland session with Paul made me more confident about my paper. At first, I went feeling my paper was all over the place and he wouldn’t be able to understand what my paper is saying. However, Paul assured me that the organization of my paper was consistent. I will definitely use the Sweetland Writing Center more often in the future, especially for long papers.


Resource #3: Student Ambassador

Because the first semester is a transition period for me, I haven’t joined many student organizations or clubs in my time so far as a University of Michigan freshman. However, I did decide to participate in a student organization called Student Ambassadors. Our goal is to recruit perspective students. I realized that somewhere along the lines of adjusting to college, I became a proud Michigan Wolverine and wanted other people to have that opportunity. Student Ambassador also reminded me of a high school program called Big Sibs. Big Sibs is a program in which selected upperclassmen become sibling figures for groups of freshmen as they adjust to high school. Realizing I’m into mentorship, I thought being a part of Student Ambassador would be suitable for me.

As a Student Ambassador, I participated in an event called Slice of Life. This is an event in which a visiting high school student follows me around for half of the day to get a sense of college life. At first, I was nervous to have a student follow me. I wasn’t sure what I should say or do to make it an enjoyable experience. However, when I was assigned to a girl named Skylar, a high school senior from Detroit, I realized the best approach was to go about my day like I normally would. Besides the mini tour I gave Skylar, I just followed my usual Wednesday routine. As she thanked me at the end of our session, she told me she would definitely apply!

During the Christmas break, I will be going back to my high school and recruiting for the university. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to telling my college experience to my friends who are now applying to college. I never saw myself as much of a recruiter. But after becoming a Student Ambassador, I’m being more comfortable with talking with expressing myself and I’m surprised with how my enthusiasm for recruiting comes so naturally.

Resource #2: Career Center

I’ve heard about the Career Center multiple times but never really paid attention to the services it provides, thinking I wouldn’t need to visit the center any time soon. However, then I attended a workshop held by the Career Center to help with the interview process for the community assistant position I was applying for. As the coordinator explained more about the Career Center, I was thinking about making an appointment. Class registration for next semester was coming up and I honestly was getting a little worried because I still wasn’t sure what I want to major in. Although I’m thinking about majoring in Communications and International Studies, I’m not entirely sure what communications encompasses or if it is suitable for me. With all these questions roaming around me, I decided to seek advice and suggestions from professionals who can provide more information about the field. That was when I decided to go online to make a First-Time appointment for the Career Center.

For this first appointment, I met with Amy (Hoag) Longhi. In the beginning of the session, I explained my situation to her. She showed me various resources the Career Center website has for me to find my interests and provide some majors that possibly suit me. She also taught me how to navigate the Career Center’s website to find the Career Guide and how to find potential career paths through Career Cruising. I even asked her for information about internships that are available for freshmen. She showed me various links where I can explore internship opportunities and how I can minimize the search options to those that interest me.

After this session I felt a bit more hopeful. Although I’m still unsure about my major and the classes I want to take, Amy showed me great resources I can use to help me find my interests and possibly a summer internship!

Resource #1: Undergraduate Library

For a research paper I was writing in my Women Studies class, I decided to use the library to find some academic sources I might have needed. I have been to the undergraduate library multiple times in between classes to study. However, I never ventured out of the first floor. Hoping to research as much as I can about my topic, I decided to walk-in to ask the librarian staff where I can find my resources.

We began to browse the library catalog to find books relevant to my topic of eating disorders. Throughout our short session, the librarian staff not only suggested books that can aid in my research, but he also taught me how to navigate the library website. He showed me how I can reserve books online and which location I can pick up the books. In addition, after writing down the codes for the books we agreed will help my research paper, the librarian also helped me located the section I’ll be able to find them in. With his help, I found the books we wrote down and I’ve found other sources as I browsed through the shelves.

After I checked out the books from the university library, I felt that writing my research paper shouldn’t be as much as a problem as I originally thought. I was able borrow multiple books that would allow me to write my research paper more easily. I even reserved some extra books as I continued to browse the library catalog for extra sources. This trip to the library allowed me to explore the undergraduate library and realize how many resources it can provide for papers or just books for leisure. I would definitely go back to the librarian staff when I need help finding materials for future classes.