Resource #4: Sweetland Writing Center

As the due date for my Women Studies’ final paper approaches, I decided it would be a good idea to have someone read over my paper before I submit it. It is the first time I have ever written an eight to ten page research paper. Because I’ve never written such a long paper before, I wanted to make sure the structure of my paper is coherent. Deciding the Sweetland Writing Center can help me, I made an appointment and met with Professor Paul Barron.

Throughout the thirty-minute session, Paul read my paper and gave me feedback on the structure of my essay. As he went over my essay section by section, he suggested how I could connect certain ideas together so my paper flows better. He believes the cause-and-effect sequencing of my arguments is a comprehensive way to organize my paper. In addition, he helped me with some APA citations that I wasn’t familiar with.

The Sweetland session with Paul made me more confident about my paper. At first, I went feeling my paper was all over the place and he wouldn’t be able to understand what my paper is saying. However, Paul assured me that the organization of my paper was consistent. I will definitely use the Sweetland Writing Center more often in the future, especially for long papers.


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