Resource #3: Student Ambassador

Because the first semester is a transition period for me, I haven’t joined many student organizations or clubs in my time so far as a University of Michigan freshman. However, I did decide to participate in a student organization called Student Ambassadors. Our goal is to recruit perspective students. I realized that somewhere along the lines of adjusting to college, I became a proud Michigan Wolverine and wanted other people to have that opportunity. Student Ambassador also reminded me of a high school program called Big Sibs. Big Sibs is a program in which selected upperclassmen become sibling figures for groups of freshmen as they adjust to high school. Realizing I’m into mentorship, I thought being a part of Student Ambassador would be suitable for me.

As a Student Ambassador, I participated in an event called Slice of Life. This is an event in which a visiting high school student follows me around for half of the day to get a sense of college life. At first, I was nervous to have a student follow me. I wasn’t sure what I should say or do to make it an enjoyable experience. However, when I was assigned to a girl named Skylar, a high school senior from Detroit, I realized the best approach was to go about my day like I normally would. Besides the mini tour I gave Skylar, I just followed my usual Wednesday routine. As she thanked me at the end of our session, she told me she would definitely apply!

During the Christmas break, I will be going back to my high school and recruiting for the university. I can honestly say I’m looking forward to telling my college experience to my friends who are now applying to college. I never saw myself as much of a recruiter. But after becoming a Student Ambassador, I’m being more comfortable with talking with expressing myself and I’m surprised with how my enthusiasm for recruiting comes so naturally.


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