Resource #2: Career Center

I’ve heard about the Career Center multiple times but never really paid attention to the services it provides, thinking I wouldn’t need to visit the center any time soon. However, then I attended a workshop held by the Career Center to help with the interview process for the community assistant position I was applying for. As the coordinator explained more about the Career Center, I was thinking about making an appointment. Class registration for next semester was coming up and I honestly was getting a little worried because I still wasn’t sure what I want to major in. Although I’m thinking about majoring in Communications and International Studies, I’m not entirely sure what communications encompasses or if it is suitable for me. With all these questions roaming around me, I decided to seek advice and suggestions from professionals who can provide more information about the field. That was when I decided to go online to make a First-Time appointment for the Career Center.

For this first appointment, I met with Amy (Hoag) Longhi. In the beginning of the session, I explained my situation to her. She showed me various resources the Career Center website has for me to find my interests and provide some majors that possibly suit me. She also taught me how to navigate the Career Center’s website to find the Career Guide and how to find potential career paths through Career Cruising. I even asked her for information about internships that are available for freshmen. She showed me various links where I can explore internship opportunities and how I can minimize the search options to those that interest me.

After this session I felt a bit more hopeful. Although I’m still unsure about my major and the classes I want to take, Amy showed me great resources I can use to help me find my interests and possibly a summer internship!


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