Resource #1: Undergraduate Library

For a research paper I was writing in my Women Studies class, I decided to use the library to find some academic sources I might have needed. I have been to the undergraduate library multiple times in between classes to study. However, I never ventured out of the first floor. Hoping to research as much as I can about my topic, I decided to walk-in to ask the librarian staff where I can find my resources.

We began to browse the library catalog to find books relevant to my topic of eating disorders. Throughout our short session, the librarian staff not only suggested books that can aid in my research, but he also taught me how to navigate the library website. He showed me how I can reserve books online and which location I can pick up the books. In addition, after writing down the codes for the books we agreed will help my research paper, the librarian also helped me located the section I’ll be able to find them in. With his help, I found the books we wrote down and I’ve found other sources as I browsed through the shelves.

After I checked out the books from the university library, I felt that writing my research paper shouldn’t be as much as a problem as I originally thought. I was able borrow multiple books that would allow me to write my research paper more easily. I even reserved some extra books as I continued to browse the library catalog for extra sources. This trip to the library allowed me to explore the undergraduate library and realize how many resources it can provide for papers or just books for leisure. I would definitely go back to the librarian staff when I need help finding materials for future classes.



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