Hi! My name is Victoria Chen, currently a freshman in the University of Michigan. Coming from New York City, I’m a city girl at heart BUT Ann Arbor is slowly growing onto me. This is the first time I’m writing a blog so please bear with me. This blog might not be very creative but that’s because it reflects my simplistic personality. Truth be told, I’m not an amazing writer. I’m still not truly comfortable with writing. It’s definitely the first time I’m sharing my writings to the public. On this blog, you’ll be able to read what I have been working on in Writing 100 throughout this fall semester. I’ve focused my writings on the hate crimes and the issues of hate-crime laws. In addition, you’ll be able to read about my writing style and the changes in my writing before and after Writing 100. You’ll also get a little insight about my time at Michigan through the university resources I’ve gotten the chance to explore throughout this semester.

Outside of Writing 100, I’m just a ordinary college freshman trying to adjust to life outside of home. Just a little bit more about me: I can’t say I’m an avid sports fan but I love playing Ultimate Frisbee and watching basketball. I’m currently undecided in the College of LSA,  thinking about possibly majoring in Communications and/or International Studies. But for now, I’m just exploring my options.

Anyways, feel free to explore this blog!


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